Sustainability crosses the boundaries of many issues. When I think about Sandpoint's sustainability, I consider what it takes to foster a dynamic community for families and our children’s future. This includes:

* Clean water
* Safe streets, homes, and neighborhoods
* Safe and secure learning environments
* Affordable city services
* Walkable and bikeable neighborhoods
* Open space to play

Economic Growth

We want a strong local economy that preserves Sandpoint's unique character. This includes:

* Supporting local businesses
* Supporting a diverse range of well-paying jobs
* Fostering cross-disciplinary opportunities to increase productivity and revenue
* Supporting and providing additional opportunities for post-secondary education and technical training

Responsible City Government

Over the last four years, I have learned first-hand what it means to ensure that local government is effective, efficient and responsive. This includes:

* Communicating effectively with council members, city staff, and the public
* Asking questions and really listening before making decisions
* Encouraging transparency and communication around city decisions
* Making fiscally conservative decisions – always balance the budget!